iPhoneography Toolkit (Education) - Zapd

So, I figured that ’d start creating blog entries based on using iPhones/iPods (around the concept of iphoneography). With these entries, I think I’ll concentrate on tools, accessories, apps, websites, etc. that students can use in the classroom. The goal being to help students (and teachers) to become digital citizens, more creative and expressive in their day-to-day lives and help facilitate the concept of global collaboration.

The first app for the toolkit is an app called Zapd. It’s a great little app for iPhone or iPod Touch users to create quick and easy mobile websites. It’s similar to Instagram in functionality, but differs in that you can create your own fully functional mobile website!Sure, this is a great/fun app for just playing around and microblogging for the average person, but what educational value might it hold?

First to mind is that students can document the events of a class (labs, projects, etc.) or pose questions or thoughts around a particular topic. This can lead to other students providing input and begin the process of collaboration.

It can also serve as a student resource of sorts. Because the app allows you to create your mobile website using photos, text or links, students have the capacity to chronicle important websites (URLs), relevant research materials (books, magazines, etc.) or photos/diagrams/etc. In other words, it can become their own online notebook!

I’m sure there are other applications for this app, and as I play with the app more, I’ll come back and add to this. If you have any ideas for the app, PLEASE leave a comment. The more we share, the more we can grow!